Power Pressure Cooker

Demystifying the Power Pressure Cooker

The Power pressure cooker is a digital cookware that offers users blazing fast speed, ease-of-use, and, of course, delicious meals. It is only available by ordering online on the Walmart website or buying at Walmart stores. The manufacturer, TriStar product Inc. claims that the digital pressure cookers can prepare food to perfection ten times faster by the simple push of a button. Its website further claims that the Power Cooker employs “flavor infusion technology” that retains all the natural vitamins, nutrients, flavor and moisture of every ingredient. This cookware is said to perform jobs of eight kitchen appliances, cooking meals 70% quicker than conventional ovens.


The Science of Pressure Cooking

Pressure Cooking is not a new concept to most. This is whereby you essentially cook under a sealed lid, with all the liquids and air firmly locked below a pre-set pressure. During the cooking process, the steam generated from the boiling liquids penetrates into the food, cooking it more quickly. As much as it hasn’t been substantiated, it is claimed that pressure cooking retains all the nutrient and vitamins that are boiled away in open pots.

Features and Specifications of the Power Pressure Cooker:

The Power Cooker is a fully automated pressure cooker that has several built-in safety features. Some of the prominent characteristics include dishwasher-safe cooking pot and automatic keep warm function. By bringing all these elements together, users are allowed to save both time and energy by cooking within short periods of time. According to the makers, the appliance can transform food from frozen state to being well-cooked in just twenty minutes, to give you a delicious slow-cooked flavor. On the Walmart website, the product has mostly received favorable reviews. Chefs often prefer professional pressure cookers that are more hands-on, but this one of a kind cookware is superb for any home as it is electric and offers all the other similar beneficial features.


In the Walmart stores as well as their website, the Power Pressure Cooker retails at $79.80. When buying it from the website, you will be instantly confronted with two options, one to place an order of the Power Cooker as you had intended or take the “limited offer” offer of the Power Pressure Cooker PRO. The second option is essentially the same product with various extra items that include a measuring cup, a ladle, and a steamer tray. Additionally, you are also provided with a recipe book.


The makers offer a 60-day limited warranty whereby they replace or repair any defective products that are returned. The 60-day warranty is extended to all components and parts of the appliance, commencing from the date it is received. You can view several clauses of the warranty on their website. At the checkout time, buyers are presented with the option of upgrading to a three-year warranty for only $15 or a six-year warranty for $30. As much as I am not of the idea of taking an extended warranty as it will only lead to extra charges, the fact that the makers offer them shows that they provide quality products. If unsatisfied, there is a sixty-day money back guarantee.


Bottom Line

The Power Pressure Cooker is certainly a great way of making food. It will be an excellent addition to a kitchen lineup. It comes with a capacity of either 6 or 8 quartz, depending on your preference. When choosing, remember to get one that best fits your available space and at the same time cooks a large enough meal for your whole family. In addition to its impeccable design that gives lots of flavor within minutes, this infusion cooker’s built-in safety feature will give buyers peace of mind. Furthermore, the unit is easy to clean, care for, and 100% dishwasher safe. Like all the other pressure cookers, the automatic keep warm functions allows users to put their food and leave the appliance until they are ready to eat it.

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With so many Power Pressure Cooker reviews online, I hope that this article has provided you with priceless insight that will influence your decision on whether to get yourself this cookware. The many positive customer reviews from various customers from all over builds my confidence in the TriStar Product Inc. appliance. I would recommend it to anyone looking to get herself a pressure cooker.

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