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Instant Pot Pressure Cooker Reviews

There are numerous Instant Pot pressure cooker reviews online. However, most of them fail to point users in the right direction. It had taken me some time before I finally settled for The Instant Pot, which is a very useful appliance in my home. This article is an in-depth review of my personal experience with this type of cooker.

instant pot

instant pot

The overall impression of Instant Pot is that it works not only as an electric pressure cooker but also as a rice cooker, slow cooker, yogurt maker, warmer, sauté pan and warmer, all in one. Even with all these functionalities in a single appliance, the product still comes with a decent price. It cooks meals at remarkable speeds and offers users the option of delayed programmable start time. I fell in love with its convenience as I used to set it and leave the kitchen to attend to other tasks. Cooking foods such as dried beans, whole grains, stew, and lentils saved me a lot of time. The Instant Pot is also durable and can be easily cleaned. The cooker works like a charm and is all I need for delicious quick meals for my family.

This electric pressure cooker comes with ten built-in Smart Programs. The easy-to-cook control panel has a large display that makes it easy to press on a program. The programs contained are Soup Poultry, Bean/Chili, Meat/Stew, Multigrain, Rice, Sauté, Slow Cook, Congee, and Steam. You will not waste time and effort in adjusting pressure to suit your needs as it is the case with a regular pressure cooker. With this cookware, there will be no need for babysitting or guess work.

instant pot

Moreover, users do not have to regularly check the pot on whether the pressure has built up, the right temperature has been achieved, or if the food is ready. All I do is just place my ingredients inside, close the lid, and select the right settings and functions. Once done, the pot makes a sound notifying me that my food is ready for consumption.

Regular pressure cookers pose a risk of leaking, explosion and other accidents. However, this is not the case with Instant Pot, which comes with ten proven safety mechanisms meant to ensure safe cooking and the user’s peace of mind. Some of these safety mechanisms include safety lid lock, anti-blockage vent, automatic pressure and temperature control, lid close detector, excess pressure protection and high-temperature warning. Problems associated with the typical stove top pressure cooker such as burning of fingers, accidental lid opening, overcooking, leaky lid, and explosions are substantial minimized.

The appliance comes with a keep-warm feature, which makes it possible for food to stay fresh and warm for about 12 hours. As mentioned before, its 24-hour delay feature allows me to place my ingredients, set a specific time, and then come back after the food has been cooked. I notoriously use these features when I am preparing rice, whereby I place the rice in the cooker’s removable stainless steel pot, set the appliance to cook, and in the morning wake up to have freshly cooked rice for breakfast.

Additionally, this pressure cooker uses less energy as compared to conventional cooking. Its energy saving capability is as a result of shorter cooking time and the fact that it draws from an outlet instead of using the range’s power. The pot, which is rated at 1000 Watts pulls significantly less power than other electric cookers that are usually rated at 12000 Watts.

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After my purchase, I decided to put the cooker to the test. In the weeks following its arrival, I cooked with it nearly every night. Soon, I realized I was eating cheaper and better. One of my favorite traits of the Instant Pot is its portability; I have even carried it to the office several times to enjoy an occasional soup for lunch with my colleagues. It is perfect for family dinners as well. After many months of use, I still love pressure cookerI highly recommend the Instant Pot to anyone in search of a slow cooker, rice cooker, and pressure cooker. The cooker works with a variety of recipes to give you and your family a wide selection of dishes to be enjoyed at every meal. The pot is a versatile cookware that is very convenient and available at affordable prices.

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