All you need to Know about Fissler Pressure Cooker

Are you looking for a pot that will make your cook time short, fun, easy and manageable? One that will serve you long term without decreasing its efficiency? Then you will be impressed with the pressure cooker from Germany has been declared as a must have cooking appliance for any modern kitchen user. It not only makes life easier but also enables you to have meals on the table faster than ever before. It has an impressive combination of features that will create insight on what it is all about.




Outstanding Design: This cookware measures 10.2″ and is made from a heavy stainless steel and perfectly finished off with a glossy mirror exterior. It also has a wide base that is designed with an aluminium heat conducting core. With this, you can be assured of even heat distribution and cooking of food. Durability is also guaranteed with this well thought of material as the pressure cooker can withstand high temperatures for even extended periods of time without warping or bending.

Secure Lid: The Fissler Pressure Cooker is designed with secure handles made of black plastic material. Just like any other pressure cooker, the lid needs to be tightly closed in order to contain steam and facilitate even and speedy cooking. The handles lock up with an audible click sound to signify that the pot is securely shut and a color coded indicator will be activated.

Easy Monitoring: You can keep track of your cooking by watching the pressure levels. The pressure within the pot is indicated by a banded rod that rises along with the pressure within the pot. A single ring indicates that the pressure is low while two rings indicate high pressure. These are visible from a distance so you can keep track of it from another room.

Fissler Pressure Cooker

Safe to Use: The Fissler Pressure Cooker is perfectly enabled with safety features for your own good. With this pot, you do not have to worry about it over pressurizing and exploding during the cooking process. With old fashioned pressure cookers, this is always a lurking risk that keeps users on their toes and in constant fear. This pressure cooker is fitted with a pressure valve that only engages when the handle is locked properly. With this feature, you can rule out steam burns and the lid bursting open then the pressure rises within the cooker. The handle will then unlock only when the pressure within is reduced.

Well Thought Of Design: There are special valves located at the sides of the handles on the Fissler Pressure cooker. Although the cooker is designed to release pressure gradually when too much of it builds up within, you can use these valves to do it manually. In this case, you only need to press these valves and the pressure within the pot will be released. Anybody can work an appliance as long as vital guidelines are given, right? Well, with this one, you need not worry about overfilling or underfilling the pot with contents. There are marks within the pot that indicate the recommended maximum and minimum level of contents. With its purchase comes a comprehensive manual.

Fissler Pressure Cooker


(a) Sturdy remains firm on the cook top during cooking.

(b) Stylish design. It has a sleek glossy finish with black handles.

(c) Modern technology design with bright light indicators.

(d) Quick Release levers for excess pressure

(e) Large in size- 8.5 quarts (f) Durable. This is guaranteed by the heavy stainless steel material.


(a) This pot is made of a heavy material which makes it even heavier when filled. This is however, made manageable with the helper handle that enables you to carry the pot with two hands.

(b) Due to its superiority in quality, the Fissler Pressure cooker is expensive. This is an issue that most people do not seem to mind given its combination of outstanding features.

If outstanding performance is what you are looking for in a cooking pot, then the Fissler pressure cooker is the ideal appliance for you. With this pressure cooker, you do not have to worry about clean up. It is declared the easiest to clean among all pressure cookers. It is dishwasher safe. The maintenance free control valve only requires a quick rinse under cold water. Its maintenance is manageable as well as you only need to replace the rubber gasket occasionally just like any other pressure cooker. This pressure cooker is indeed a worthy purchase.

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