Cuisinart Pressure Cooker

All Look At the Cuisinart Pressure Cooker

An electric pressure cooker is an easy, safe and economical kitchen tool. The market today has been flooded by numerous brands and models, making it tough for consumers to settle for one that best suits them. In their search for the right appliance, Cuisinart is a brand that all cooks must have come across. This article is a combination of various factual and informative Cuisinart Pressure Cooker reviews that have been written by users. It will provide cooks with all the information that they need on the Cuisinart Pressure Cooker.

Cuisinart Pressure Cooker Reviews

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Characteristics and Specifications

The Cuisinart Electric Pressure Cooker can be described as an all-in-one cooker. It is made up of a body, base and a heavy-duty lid. With its capacity of 6 quarts, the unit is relatively heavy but comfortable to carry around. Its exterior is handsomely brushed with stainless steel and has a removable non-stick pot. The cooker

During usage, the lid locks securely with a safety latch. The lock only opens after pressure has subsided to a safe level. It is impossible to open the pot when at an unsafe temperature or pressure.

Just like all the other pressure cookers, the Cuisinart’s heating element is enclosed at the bottom. When hot enough, the heating element can sauté onions as well as other flavor building ingredients.

After adding all your ingredients and turning on the cooker, you can use the clearly visible menu to set the appliance on HIGH (10 psi) or LOW (6 psi) for a particular duration of time. Once done, leave the cooker to lock itself and heat up to pressure, a process that takes between 15 and 25 minutes. The timing countdown then commences as the food cooks. Upon completion, you can wait for natural pressure release or opt for the quick release.


The Cuisinart Pressure Cooker presents the simplest way of quickly creating delicious and healthy dishes. Regular cooking time is reduced by up to 70%. Returning home after a hectic and busy day can now involve a hearty homemade meal.

The brand boasts of creating kitchen appliances that offer top priority to safety. Stories about pressure cookers that have exploded are not rare to hear. However, you can be assured that this cookware will give you the value for your money where safety is concerned. One of its safety features is a precision thermostat that is used to regulate controlled settings. The unit also has cool-touch handles and a solid lid that tightly seals the pressure inside. Additionally, it automatically shuts off when all the pressure has been released, a feature that saves you power and prevents food from overcooking.

Cuisinart Pressure Cooker

With its finger-proof brushed stainless steel housing, cleaning the Cuisinart takes a much shorter time than other pressure cookers. Furthermore, the pot is not only removable but also, dishwasher-safe, making is quick and easy to clean. The good thing about this pressure cooker is that cleaning the entire unit is not necessary, only the lid and pot require to be washed with a wet towel. Therefore, there is no hassle of disassembling the appliance and cleaning it peace by peace.

As mentioned earlier, the cooker’s 99-minute timer shows a countdown on the display, telling you the amount of time left for your meal to be ready. Once the lid is closed, and cooking has begun, you can conveniently let the appliance be and attend to other productive activities. There is no need of worrying. When the timer gets done, the pressure is released, and the cooker automatically turns off. It will then change to its warming feature, which is meant to keep meals fresh and warm for up to 12 hours.

Bottom Line

The Cuisinart Pressure Cooker is an ideal addition to the kitchen. You can use it to prepare a broad range of scrumptious meals plus desserts much faster. As much as the lid and valve may require time to get used to, after learning how to close properly the lid, all your other cooking needs will go very smoothly. Electric and automatic, the Cuisinart offers great convenience to all those who lack the time to prepare their dishes on regular pans and pots. With its capacity of cooking large family meals, this pressure cooker is great on saving both time and power.

Elite Pressure Cookers

All You Need To Know About Elite Pressure Cookers

Pressure cooking is a fantastic way of preparing meals whereby you save money and also boost your health. The Elite Pressure Cooker is a popular kitchen appliance that makes it possible for people to enjoy fast and nutritious cooking that satisfies their whole families. With so many Elite Pressure Cooker reviews available, this article looks at how the product’s features are beneficial to the lifestyle of its users.

An Elite Pressure Cooker offers a unique way of cooking where you can trap steam. The result is an evenly cooked food with all its flavors and nutrients sealed inside. The user-programmable cooking capability and time-saving nature are great for people with busy schedules, it gives them the chance of saying goodbye to guesswork as they venture into great-tasting dinners. All that users have to do is to set the preset functions according to their needs and wait for a mouthwatering delicacy.


The pressure cooker has 14 preset features that include browning and keeping warm, 24-hour delay timer, manual operations, and an 8 or 10-quart inner pot (depending on the model). The preset functions can be used to cook a diverse array of dishes such as risotto, meat, vegetables, chicken, meat, soups, rice, stews, potatoes, and not forgetting desserts. All these make it an elegant and versatile appliance.

Apart from the Elite Pressure Cooker, there also are other popular brands that significantly influence the market. Some include big names such as Instant Pot and Cuisinart. However, this particular pressure cooker is not only different but also more advantageous than its competitors when it comes to various key features. An Elite Pressure Cooker has a reheating function, which is not only healthier but also works better than a microwave. Additionally, there also are defrosting settings and instructions on how to preserve food without canning. Furthermore, the pressure cooker comes with basic pressure canning and water bath method, suitable for both high and low-acidic vegetables and foods. This is a feature that will enable you to reduce food wastage.

Elite Pressure Cookers

Apart from canning and heating, the Elite Pressure Cooker still emerges in front of its competitors as far as capacity is concerned. It is quite large. Most models are 8 quartz with some being 10 quartz. These sizes are enormous as compared to most models of other well-known brands that are usually 6 quarts. It’s pot can comfortably cook a meal for a large family with children and still have leftovers, or be adequate to serve a few guests. If you do the math, owning one will save you a lot of time as you can cook a large dish that can be kept warm and reheated the next day.

The best part of all this is the fact that the appliance is electric and programmable. It can easily be operated without any prior knowledge of pressure cookers. All you need to do is to throw in food, regardless of whether it is frozen or not, close the lid, and set it to your desired function. Manual pressure cookers require constant checking of the food. Lack of proper timing of such cookers at best can make the food cook badly, and at worst, result in an explosion. However, all you need to do with the Elite Pressure Cooker is to set your timer and leave it to cook. You can do other household chores or simply relax and entertain yourself with some TV as your meal continues to cook. A sound is produced whenever food gets done, preventing the risk of explosion and, therefore, keeping your family safe.

Elite Pressure Cookers Reviews


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The Elite Pressure Cooker is a great cooking paraphernalia. It is fast, electric and comes out as the largest and simplest solution for busy moms with children and people who are learning how to pressure cook. It is large enough to prepare conveniently meals for an entire family and is also perfect for potlucks. The 14 preset functions make it possible to prepare many dishes and desserts. No leftovers will ever be wasted again as it has an automatic keep warm and reheat system that allows food that was served during dinner to be carried forward to next day’s breakfast. With this pressure cooker retailing at about $100, all its features and benefits will be worth every penny.

Power Pressure Cooker

Demystifying the Power Pressure Cooker

The Power pressure cooker is a digital cookware that offers users blazing fast speed, ease-of-use, and, of course, delicious meals. It is only available by ordering online on the Walmart website or buying at Walmart stores. The manufacturer, TriStar product Inc. claims that the digital pressure cookers can prepare food to perfection ten times faster by the simple push of a button. Its website further claims that the Power Cooker employs “flavor infusion technology” that retains all the natural vitamins, nutrients, flavor and moisture of every ingredient. This cookware is said to perform jobs of eight kitchen appliances, cooking meals 70% quicker than conventional ovens.


The Science of Pressure Cooking

Pressure Cooking is not a new concept to most. This is whereby you essentially cook under a sealed lid, with all the liquids and air firmly locked below a pre-set pressure. During the cooking process, the steam generated from the boiling liquids penetrates into the food, cooking it more quickly. As much as it hasn’t been substantiated, it is claimed that pressure cooking retains all the nutrient and vitamins that are boiled away in open pots.

Features and Specifications of the Power Pressure Cooker:

The Power Cooker is a fully automated pressure cooker that has several built-in safety features. Some of the prominent characteristics include dishwasher-safe cooking pot and automatic keep warm function. By bringing all these elements together, users are allowed to save both time and energy by cooking within short periods of time. According to the makers, the appliance can transform food from frozen state to being well-cooked in just twenty minutes, to give you a delicious slow-cooked flavor. On the Walmart website, the product has mostly received favorable reviews. Chefs often prefer professional pressure cookers that are more hands-on, but this one of a kind cookware is superb for any home as it is electric and offers all the other similar beneficial features.


In the Walmart stores as well as their website, the Power Pressure Cooker retails at $79.80. When buying it from the website, you will be instantly confronted with two options, one to place an order of the Power Cooker as you had intended or take the “limited offer” offer of the Power Pressure Cooker PRO. The second option is essentially the same product with various extra items that include a measuring cup, a ladle, and a steamer tray. Additionally, you are also provided with a recipe book.


The makers offer a 60-day limited warranty whereby they replace or repair any defective products that are returned. The 60-day warranty is extended to all components and parts of the appliance, commencing from the date it is received. You can view several clauses of the warranty on their website. At the checkout time, buyers are presented with the option of upgrading to a three-year warranty for only $15 or a six-year warranty for $30. As much as I am not of the idea of taking an extended warranty as it will only lead to extra charges, the fact that the makers offer them shows that they provide quality products. If unsatisfied, there is a sixty-day money back guarantee.


Bottom Line

The Power Pressure Cooker is certainly a great way of making food. It will be an excellent addition to a kitchen lineup. It comes with a capacity of either 6 or 8 quartz, depending on your preference. When choosing, remember to get one that best fits your available space and at the same time cooks a large enough meal for your whole family. In addition to its impeccable design that gives lots of flavor within minutes, this infusion cooker’s built-in safety feature will give buyers peace of mind. Furthermore, the unit is easy to clean, care for, and 100% dishwasher safe. Like all the other pressure cookers, the automatic keep warm functions allows users to put their food and leave the appliance until they are ready to eat it.

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With so many Power Pressure Cooker reviews online, I hope that this article has provided you with priceless insight that will influence your decision on whether to get yourself this cookware. The many positive customer reviews from various customers from all over builds my confidence in the TriStar Product Inc. appliance. I would recommend it to anyone looking to get herself a pressure cooker.


All you need to Know about Mirro Pressure Cooker

If you are into canning a lot, then this is the pressure cooker that you have been missing. The fact that it is a one of a kind in the market with two canning systems is why it is just an amazing kitchen product to get. It cooks everything crisp and even goes the extra mile of ensuring that whatever food that comes out of it is in the best state as well as taste that you can muster. It is also made of very high grade material which is guaranteed to really last for a long time so you can bet that its durability is on a class of its own as far as pressure cookers are concerned. Has also, all the safety mechanisms that you can think of to be found in a pressure cooker and this is what makes it even more incredible. This is the amazing Mirro Polished Aluminum Pressure Cooker Cookware by Mirro that is just incredible to say the least. If you spend as much time as you do in the kitchen and know a lot about cookware, then you will be amazed at this.

Mirro Pressure Cooker

Mirro Pressure Cooker


Durable construction:

Aluminium that is not just heavy-gauge but it is also rustproof is what the pressure canner is made of. This is amazing because you actually get to have a pressure cooker that will really last for a very long time and you won’t ever have to worry about getting a new one real soon. This should save up on your finances as you need no maintenance or replacing costs at all. You should also not forget that it holds up to 16 pint jars which translates to roughly about 5 quart jars.

Three cooking pressures to choose from

It maintains a steady pressure when cooking so that whatever it is that you are preparing in it will cook at the most appropriate temperature at all times. These are made possible by the three available cooking that are 5, 10 and 15 PSI which are enough to get anything cooked and at the least amount of time possible with minimal interference.

Safety is guaranteed

The overpressure plug is reusable and this is what is even more amazing and great about this cooker. This means that you don’t have to keep replacing it every time. The lid system is what is even better because it has a sure locking system that guarantees no matter the conditions, it will remain locked unless you open it. The thing that makes this even safer is the side gasket pressure release which will have you feeling safe at all times as it gets rid of the excess pressure in the cooker.

Mirro Pressure Cooker

What’s more?

You also get a cooking rack as well as a user guide to help you get started and some recipes are included so that you can make some of the best meals with this cooker. You also get a one year warranty on the replacement parts as well as ten years warranty on the pressure canners. This is proof enough that it is a durable set of cookware.

What other customers think about this pressure cooker?

This pressure cooker has received a lot of good reviews from customers who have actually bought this product. The ratings by customers too on its Amazon page prove to show that it is a good investment for your kitchen needs.

Mirro Pressure Cooker Reviews

Why buy this item from Amazon?

There are a lot of places that you can buy this pressure cooker from but the best place for that would be Amazon and this is why. You get a 53% discount on the original price so this means that you actually get to save up to $69. This is a lot of money as compared to anywhere else that you can get his cooker. Aside from his discount reducing the price of this cooker tremendously, you also get free shipping so you never have to worry about those costs too. Amazon is just amazing and the fact that you can even choose to have this delivered to you with the option of two-day shipping is what makes it even better. So, get this amazing from Amazon at a really friendly price and you will be more than ecstatic to use it.

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Pressure Canners

All you need to Know about Pressure Canners

A pressure canner is a kitchen appliance that is used to can and preserve home foods. There are invisible microorganisms all around us, from the air to the foods we eat. These microorganisms cause food spoilage. Through pressure canning, the unwanted organisms are exposed to heat, interrupting the spoilage process. As the process continues, air is removed from the jars, leaving a vacuum that allows food to be safely preserved. Pressure canners can be described as multipurpose as they preserve foods regardless of their acid levels. This is not the case with traditional non-pressurized canning methods, which require a particular degree of acidity to be useful.

Home canning is quite beneficial as you can preserve food that you have grown yourself or fresh food that is currently in season. The process ensures that foods remain fresh and suitable for later consumption. Through preservation, you will not only avoid wasting food but also save money since you won’t have to buy ready-made food. Moreover, preserving food while still fresh saves valuable minerals. Therefore, a pressure canner is a major appliance in a home.


The market today has been graced by various impressive pressure canners models, some of the most popular brands are all American, Quart, Presto, and Fagor. Pressure canners are sometimes listed as “canning pressure cookers”. Regardless of the name, they must all be large enough and capable of holding several canning jars. In addition to this, they must have a stable pressure and temperature to meet the standards of food preservation. Various factors come into play when choosing a pressure canner, some are based on your skill level while others on your interests. Regardless of their basis, this guide will describe the key aspects of consideration.


It is no secret that pressure canners have come a long way since the 1900s when they first became popular. In the 1970s, they were characterized by heavy-walled kettles with vent pipes and dial gauges. Today pressure canners are lightweight and fitted with removable racks, lids, gaskets and automatic vents. Other key features that must be contained in these modern appliances are a vent pipe, an automatic vent, a dial gauge for displaying the pressure level, and a safety fuse that curbs the heat of the canner.



Pressure canners come in two main types, weighted gauge canners and dial gauge canners. Weighted gauge canners have a removable weighted regulator and a dial gauge. On the hand, dial gauge canners have a dial pressure gauge that tells users the pressure level.

Apart from the types, pressure canners also vary in terms of size. The most popular sizes are the 16-quart and 23-quat sizes. Therefore, buyers should evaluate how much their pressure canners will be able to hold in each batch.

It is recommended to choose a canning pressure cooker that can hold both quart and pint-sized jars. Do not limit yourself to only the pint-sized jars. In case you find yourself wavering between sizes, go with the larger option. The sizes are usually listed in quarts; therefore, ensure you read the number of jars a pressure canner can hold to gain an accurate idea of the size. For those looking to put up a lot of food at once, they should look for a canner that can stack jars one level deep.

Care and Maintenance

Thoroughly examine a pressure cooker for any defects before purchase. Carry out different test such as using water to ensure that the appliance is properly functional. Remember to replace the over-pressure plug and sealing ring every 2 to 3 years. The gasket wears out and should be regularly checked for fatigue and cracks. An occasional oiling will be necessary.

Pressure Canner Testing

Pressure Canner Testing

Additionally, home canners should never forget to date their canned foods, and to store their cans in a cool and dry space. Always rely on reliable sources for canning timetables and recipes.


Cost is a fundamental factor in all products. For those who are first-timers in canning and lack extra funds, the Pesto pressure canner will most probably be the best option. However, if you wish to buy only one canner to last you a lifetime, the All American Caner will be perfect. All American is a well-known retailer and has a great reputation as a premier pressure canner.

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Electrical Pressure Cooker

Settling For Nothing Less, Tips of Getting the Right Electrical Pressure Cooker

Electric pressure cookers have made cooking very convenient. From increased speed to better efficiency, they offer all the benefits of pressure cookers with a push of a button. These appliances are fully automated, giving users delicious meals in minimal time and less hassle.

When it comes to functionality, there are very few appliances as useful as the electric pressure cooker, which can prepare stews, soups, and large pieces of poultry or meat at remarkable speeds. Furthermore, these appliances come in handy when you need to prepare a large meal and have all your burners occupied. The pressure cooker can also simmer and brown food. Many have timers that can allow you to leave the house after putting the ingredients in and setting the timer. After a long walk, you can gracefully come back home one hour before dinner to find a complete meal, ready for consumption. As if the designers had not given buyers enough, they further created some electric pressure cookers to be able to have a rice cooker and slow cooker settings, giving you 3 appliances in one.

We all enjoy pressurized cooking but not pressurized choosing. To take the hassle and pressure out of your shopping, we have come up with this shopping guide to help you find the electric pressure cooker that will best suit all your needs.

electric pressure cooker

The Available Types

Electric pressure cookers are divided into three main types: mechanical, digital and smart cookers. All of them differ in both features and price. The mechanical timer pressure cookers belong to the first generation pressure cookers. They are equipped with a pressure sensor, mechanical timer, and temperature sensor. As much as they are “old school,” they are quite affordable, offering buyers great value for their money.

If you prefer a more advanced appliance, then the digital time display pressure cooker might be what you need. They are second generation cookers that allow delayed cooking and have become a favorite among cooks. This type of electric pressure cooker offer additional safety and audio alerts. When optimum pressure is reached, their digital displays show a count-down timer. All these extra features make them more useful and convenient.

Smart pressure cookers are third generation cookers that perform complex tasks such as multigrain programming, a function that allows users to presoak grains. The appliances can cook a wider variety of foods that include legumes and brown rice. These clever cookers are perfect for buyers in search of top notch pressure cooking.

Areas of interest

After going through numerous consumer reviews, a few factors kept repeating themselves. These are factors that a large number of users agreed are most important when considering which the best electric pressure cooker to buy is. The first was the build; stainless steel cookers are better preferred than non-stick cookers. According to consumers, they are long lasting, more durable and easier to clean. Buyers are assured of many years of service.

High-quality seals make a cooker much safer and receive a higher rating. High-quality cookers with reliable replaceable seals make cooking more efficient, ensuring more user satisfaction. Apart from seals, general safety of the appliance is another major factor to put into consideration. Experienced cooks opt for an appliance that has a solid construction. Such a cooker will ensure that contents under pressure remain under pressure. Top quality brands have numerous reviews that have supported their level of safety.

Electric pressure cookers require significantly less energy than stove tops. Energy efficiency allows users to save money. Therefore, look for a cooker that will not only save you time but money as well.

Electric pressure cookers adjust and regulate pressure automatically. Select an appliance with settings that will match your needs. Cookers that have one pressure setting are quite easy to use. On the other hand, those with two pressure settings provide a wider variety of the foods that can be cooked.

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Good electric pressure cookers should be made from a sturdy, durable material. Additionally, they should have ample safety features and heat resistant handles for easy maneuvering of the pot. The appliances should also have a trivet or heat insulating stand to minimize potential damage to the worktop. Most importantly, a product of good quality must be from a trusted brand or one that has received many positive comments from other people. Hopefully, this article has offered you with useful insight and that you are now better prepared to find the best electric pressure cooker.


All you need to Know about Fissler Pressure Cooker

Are you looking for a pot that will make your cook time short, fun, easy and manageable? One that will serve you long term without decreasing its efficiency? Then you will be impressed with the pressure cooker from Germany has been declared as a must have cooking appliance for any modern kitchen user. It not only makes life easier but also enables you to have meals on the table faster than ever before. It has an impressive combination of features that will create insight on what it is all about.




Outstanding Design: This cookware measures 10.2″ and is made from a heavy stainless steel and perfectly finished off with a glossy mirror exterior. It also has a wide base that is designed with an aluminium heat conducting core. With this, you can be assured of even heat distribution and cooking of food. Durability is also guaranteed with this well thought of material as the pressure cooker can withstand high temperatures for even extended periods of time without warping or bending.

Secure Lid: The Fissler Pressure Cooker is designed with secure handles made of black plastic material. Just like any other pressure cooker, the lid needs to be tightly closed in order to contain steam and facilitate even and speedy cooking. The handles lock up with an audible click sound to signify that the pot is securely shut and a color coded indicator will be activated.

Easy Monitoring: You can keep track of your cooking by watching the pressure levels. The pressure within the pot is indicated by a banded rod that rises along with the pressure within the pot. A single ring indicates that the pressure is low while two rings indicate high pressure. These are visible from a distance so you can keep track of it from another room.

Fissler Pressure Cooker

Safe to Use: The Fissler Pressure Cooker is perfectly enabled with safety features for your own good. With this pot, you do not have to worry about it over pressurizing and exploding during the cooking process. With old fashioned pressure cookers, this is always a lurking risk that keeps users on their toes and in constant fear. This pressure cooker is fitted with a pressure valve that only engages when the handle is locked properly. With this feature, you can rule out steam burns and the lid bursting open then the pressure rises within the cooker. The handle will then unlock only when the pressure within is reduced.

Well Thought Of Design: There are special valves located at the sides of the handles on the Fissler Pressure cooker. Although the cooker is designed to release pressure gradually when too much of it builds up within, you can use these valves to do it manually. In this case, you only need to press these valves and the pressure within the pot will be released. Anybody can work an appliance as long as vital guidelines are given, right? Well, with this one, you need not worry about overfilling or underfilling the pot with contents. There are marks within the pot that indicate the recommended maximum and minimum level of contents. With its purchase comes a comprehensive manual.

Fissler Pressure Cooker


(a) Sturdy remains firm on the cook top during cooking.

(b) Stylish design. It has a sleek glossy finish with black handles.

(c) Modern technology design with bright light indicators.

(d) Quick Release levers for excess pressure

(e) Large in size- 8.5 quarts (f) Durable. This is guaranteed by the heavy stainless steel material.


(a) This pot is made of a heavy material which makes it even heavier when filled. This is however, made manageable with the helper handle that enables you to carry the pot with two hands.

(b) Due to its superiority in quality, the Fissler Pressure cooker is expensive. This is an issue that most people do not seem to mind given its combination of outstanding features.

If outstanding performance is what you are looking for in a cooking pot, then the Fissler pressure cooker is the ideal appliance for you. With this pressure cooker, you do not have to worry about clean up. It is declared the easiest to clean among all pressure cookers. It is dishwasher safe. The maintenance free control valve only requires a quick rinse under cold water. Its maintenance is manageable as well as you only need to replace the rubber gasket occasionally just like any other pressure cooker. This pressure cooker is indeed a worthy purchase.

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Instant Pot

Instant Pot Pressure Cooker Reviews

There are numerous Instant Pot pressure cooker reviews online. However, most of them fail to point users in the right direction. It had taken me some time before I finally settled for The Instant Pot, which is a very useful appliance in my home. This article is an in-depth review of my personal experience with this type of cooker.

instant pot

instant pot

The overall impression of Instant Pot is that it works not only as an electric pressure cooker but also as a rice cooker, slow cooker, yogurt maker, warmer, sauté pan and warmer, all in one. Even with all these functionalities in a single appliance, the product still comes with a decent price. It cooks meals at remarkable speeds and offers users the option of delayed programmable start time. I fell in love with its convenience as I used to set it and leave the kitchen to attend to other tasks. Cooking foods such as dried beans, whole grains, stew, and lentils saved me a lot of time. The Instant Pot is also durable and can be easily cleaned. The cooker works like a charm and is all I need for delicious quick meals for my family.

This electric pressure cooker comes with ten built-in Smart Programs. The easy-to-cook control panel has a large display that makes it easy to press on a program. The programs contained are Soup Poultry, Bean/Chili, Meat/Stew, Multigrain, Rice, Sauté, Slow Cook, Congee, and Steam. You will not waste time and effort in adjusting pressure to suit your needs as it is the case with a regular pressure cooker. With this cookware, there will be no need for babysitting or guess work.

instant pot

Moreover, users do not have to regularly check the pot on whether the pressure has built up, the right temperature has been achieved, or if the food is ready. All I do is just place my ingredients inside, close the lid, and select the right settings and functions. Once done, the pot makes a sound notifying me that my food is ready for consumption.

Regular pressure cookers pose a risk of leaking, explosion and other accidents. However, this is not the case with Instant Pot, which comes with ten proven safety mechanisms meant to ensure safe cooking and the user’s peace of mind. Some of these safety mechanisms include safety lid lock, anti-blockage vent, automatic pressure and temperature control, lid close detector, excess pressure protection and high-temperature warning. Problems associated with the typical stove top pressure cooker such as burning of fingers, accidental lid opening, overcooking, leaky lid, and explosions are substantial minimized.

The appliance comes with a keep-warm feature, which makes it possible for food to stay fresh and warm for about 12 hours. As mentioned before, its 24-hour delay feature allows me to place my ingredients, set a specific time, and then come back after the food has been cooked. I notoriously use these features when I am preparing rice, whereby I place the rice in the cooker’s removable stainless steel pot, set the appliance to cook, and in the morning wake up to have freshly cooked rice for breakfast.

Additionally, this pressure cooker uses less energy as compared to conventional cooking. Its energy saving capability is as a result of shorter cooking time and the fact that it draws from an outlet instead of using the range’s power. The pot, which is rated at 1000 Watts pulls significantly less power than other electric cookers that are usually rated at 12000 Watts.

Safety mechanism instant pot

After my purchase, I decided to put the cooker to the test. In the weeks following its arrival, I cooked with it nearly every night. Soon, I realized I was eating cheaper and better. One of my favorite traits of the Instant Pot is its portability; I have even carried it to the office several times to enjoy an occasional soup for lunch with my colleagues. It is perfect for family dinners as well. After many months of use, I still love pressure cookerI highly recommend the Instant Pot to anyone in search of a slow cooker, rice cooker, and pressure cooker. The cooker works with a variety of recipes to give you and your family a wide selection of dishes to be enjoyed at every meal. The pot is a versatile cookware that is very convenient and available at affordable prices.

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