Best Pressure Cooker

Which Pressure Cooker Is Perfect for You?

Pressure cookers present a great way of cooking your favorite, delicious and nutritious meals. All pressure cookers are not created equal. However, you should not simply pick the best-rated one from the shelves, all buyers should choose a cooker that will be the perfect for their specific needs. It is, therefore, imperative to clearly understand what type of pressure cooker will fit your lifestyle and cooking. By ascertaining the functions of each model, you will be able to narrow down your search to particular brands. This buyer’s guide will offer you useful tips on what to look for in a pressure cooker.

Best Pressure Cooker

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Stove Top or Electric?

Pressure cookers can be classified into two types; stove top and electric. Also called digital pressure cookers, electric pressure cookers offer various settings that lack in the traditional version, which are controlled manually. As a result, electric pressure cookers are not only easier to use, but more flexible and much safer as well. The pre-set programs usually include meat, poultry, rice, fish, and soup among others.

On the other hand, the traditional type represents affordability and simplicity. All great cooks know that manual heat regulation is vital in searing, a function that is relatively easier in stove tops than electric pressure cookers. Additionally, they also take less time to come to pressure, a useful feature when steaming veggies and fish. You should, therefore, consider all these factors and how they match with your cooking style before settling.

Top Reviewed Models

ImageModel NamePriceRatingReview
Cuisinart Pressure Cooker$70-$1204.8 Read Our Review..
Elite Pressure Cooker$82-$1494.6 Read Our Review..
Power Pressure Cooker$80-$1004.3 Read Our Review..
Instant Pot Pressure Cooker$96-$1794.7 Read Our Review..
Electrical Pressure Cooker70$-$1144.8 Read Our Review..
Fissler Pressure Cooker$209-$4144.3 Read Our Review..
Pressure Canners$75-$2244.9 Read Our Review..

Cost Vs. Durability

Pressure cookers are made using either stainless steel or aluminum. The most preferred option is undoubtedly stainless steel as it is durable, reacts less with food, and looks more stylish. However, these advantages do not come cheap. Stainless steel pressure cookers are the best option if you have a preference for long life and durability, and are not restricted by finances.

When working on a limited budget, aluminum will be ideal as it is lightweight and an excellent heat conductor. With stainless steel being quite heavy, aluminum presents a better alternative when larger stove top cookers are involved.

Brand and Model

The market is filled with numerous brands and models. As much as you may be tempted to pick a cheap brand, always remember that electric pressure cookers often require replacement parts with time. When this happens, a reliable and reputable company can save you a lot of frustration. Buyers should identify a few brands of interest, then keenly look into their specific models. Some of the popular brands that can be good starting point are Cuisinart, Kuhn Rikon, Instant Pot, Fagor, All American, Secura, and MaxiMatic.

Canning and Microwave Pressure Cookers

Different cookers offer different functionalities. A pressure canner, which is also referred to as a canning pressure cooker is a big cooking pot used for pressure canning and preserving foods at home. It can also be used to cook food under regulated pressure, which kills bacteria and removes the air present inside to seal safely and preserve foods. A dedicated pressure canner makes work a lot easier. It is a perfect choice for people looking to can safely and store low acidic foods such as vegetables, seafood, meat, poultry and dairy products.

Another useful design is the microwave pressure cooker. As much it is not commonly found in many households, this appliance excellently combines the convenience of a microwave with the speed and efficiency of a pressure cooker. The result is a deliciously nutritious meal with minimal hassle.


Different brands and models enormously differ when it comes to warranty. Well-known brands provide buyers with a certain level of assurance in terms of quality. Warranties usually range between 1 year and 10 years. Remember to factor in the length of a warranty for each model as you consider your options. Longer warranties are a sign of quality; ta manufacturers who offers prolonged warranties are more confident about their products’ build and construction. The top rated pressure cookers with regards to warranty are Presto’s 12-year warranty, Fagor 10-year warranty, and Cuisinart 3-year warranty.


Pressure cookers come in various sizes. The most common ones range between 4 and 8 quarts. A 4-quart pressure cooker is perfect for singles or couples. 6 quart is the standard and most popular size, able to comfortably serve a family. Larger families or situation that involve multiple guests are best served by the 8-quart pressure cooker. Options higher than 8 quarts are meant for catering companies and professional kitchens.